Hammer & Discus Cages

Hammer _ Discus Cages OperationThere’s no need for cumbersome, problematic gates with our hammer and discus cages which feature a specialised draw pulley design, offering safety and operational benefits for you, the user and the spectators:

  • Easy to operate and safe to use
  • Eliminates failure of gate hinges
  • Prevents high level wind damage
  • Stops wheels digging into the earth
  • No need for hard standing
  • Reduces manual handling

Design and installation features of our hammer and discus cages include:

  • Caters for right and left handed throwing via the net
  • Netsare easily lowered and hoisted for off-season storage to prevent wind damage and vandalism
  • Pulleys are Husky Marine grade, designed for durability even in extreme conditions
  • Shackles, carabiners and moving parts are stainless steel or aluminium to eliminate corrosion
  • Posts are set into deep concrete sockets for low level stability
  • Innovative high level cross member on the front section of the cage creates high level stability to withstand strong winds
  • Additional galvanised steel poles link all uprights at high level to create a robust structure
  • Special clam-cleats grip the rope so the operator can easily hoist or lower in stages and prevents rope burns
  • Steel sheathed cables are used to reinforce the net at vulnerable areas to prevent damage
  • The pulley ropes are polyester woven and reinforced with end terminals to prevent fraying
  • Ropes are colour coordinated for ease of operation
  • Net is fully compliant for UKA and IAAF competition use
  • Cage design and dimensions comply with UKA and IAAF regulations

Our experience team of engineers will carry out a professional and timely installation of your hammer and discus cages, which includes the removal and disposal of your existing equipment.  We will be pleased to survey your site free of charge and provide a no obligation quotation. We will also be pleased to quote to service and maintain all your athletics equipment on an annual contract.

Want more information or to get a quotation? Then call now and we’ll answer any question you may have or help to advise you. Or send us an email and we’ll get right back to you.

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