Column & Pole Padding & Protection

Keep Your Columns Safe – Indoors or Out

Column PaddingPosts and columns, in their many different forms, whether inside or out, can represent a hazard and a safety risk to sports players or similar. At Sport & Play, we have significant experience in cladding such columns with protective padding to prevent injury.

We use our expertise, enhanced by our provision of cladding columns and other structures in indoor play areas, to recommend the appropriate padding for your type of column. We specialise in both indoor and outdoor applications, ensuring that the materials used are suited to the situation.

Examples of columns and posts that we can clad include building supports, beams, joists i-beams etc, floodlight columns, sports / goal posts, including rugby posts, columns in dance studios, even poles etc in car parks and loading bays. We can also provide the exterior of the sewn vinyl padding in different colours and finishes as required.

Each pad is made to our clients’ requirements. Standard ingredients include a 2″ high-density foam and a heavy duty vinyl cover over a high-density polyurethane vinyl core. Each pad is made from 50mm thick flame retardant foam covered in either canvas or vinyl. The pads come 2m high as standard and can also be made to suit requirements.

Our column pads and protectors can be made in almost any shape, size and format. We can also produce and provide wall padding all made to your individual requirements.

For a quotation, please do not hesitate to contact us. Similarly, for further information, please call or email and we will be happy to provide advice.

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