Thor 9 Hammer & Discus Cage Installation

Project Information:

Project: Thor 9 Hammer & Discus Cage Installation

Client: The Bridge Leisure Centre

Completion time: 2 Weeks

Thor 9 Hammer & Discus Cage Installation

The Bridge Leisure Centre had recently had its TrackMark Unit 2 inspection, but unfortunately its Hammer and Discus Cage didn’t pass. The cage did not meet the safety standards required for the athletes who use it. As a result, the Leisure Centre had to quickly find a replacement for the old cage. After considering various options, they decided to go with the Thor 9 Hammer and Discus Cage, known for its superior quality and durability – and impressive wind rating. The installation of the new cage took a total of two weeks, and this case study will discuss the process and the outcome of the project.

Our Solution:

It was evident that the old cage had to come down. Sport & Play provided the site with the steps that were required to remove the cage, including a detailed quotation for the replacement option.

After review, the management team got in touch and a date was arranged for the project. The first week was allocated for the dismantling and removal of the old cage. Our team carefully took down the original cage, ensuring that no damage was done to the surrounding area. The original concrete throwing circle was left as it was, with the new cage built around it.

Once the old cage was completely removed, our team of experienced engineers started preparing the area for the new cage. They inspected the ground, making sure it was level and stable. They also checked that the dimensions of the new cage were correct for the space available. Once they were satisfied that everything was in order, they started the installation process.

The second week was allocated for the installation of the new Thor 9 Hammer and Discus Cage. The team worked tirelessly to ensure that the installation was done correctly and to the highest standards. They carefully positioned the cage, ensuring that it was level and secure. They also checked that all the parts were in place and tightened correctly. Our engineers made sure that the new cage met all the safety standards and regulations required.

The Result:

The new Thor 9 Hammer and Discus Cage was installed successfully and exceeded the expectations of the Leisure Centre’s management team. The new cage looked impressive and was of superior quality compared to the old one. It met all the safety standards required and was ready for use by the athletes.

The Leisure Centre’s management team was extremely pleased with the outcome of the project. They were impressed by the supplier’s team’s professionalism and workmanship. They felt that the installation was done efficiently and with minimal disruption to the Centre’s activities. The new Thor 9 Hammer and Discus Cage was a significant improvement from the old one and would provide a safe and secure environment for the athletes to train and compete.

How We Can Help You:

Sport & Play offers the supply and installation, as well as the servicing and maintenance, of Hammer & Discus Cages.
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