Indoor Soft Play Area Install & Clip in & Climb Walls

Project Information:

Project: Soft Play Area Install & Clip in & Climb Walls

Client: Stour Centre, Ashford, Kent

The Stour Centre – Indoor Soft Play Area Install & Clip in & Climb Walls
The Stour Centre – Indoor Soft Play Area Install & Clip in & Climb Walls

Sport & Play undertook an exciting project at Stour Centre in Ashford, involving the installation of an indoor soft play area and a thrilling Clip in & Climb wall. The leisure centre wanted a new go-to destination to offer – here is how we did it.

Our journey began with a comprehensive understanding of the client’s vision. We went into details such as colour schemes, themes, budget, and specific preferences like the inclusion or exclusion of slides and ball pits. Conducting a detailed survey of the provided space was crucial, allowing us to provide informed recommendations on seating areas for adults, lighting, and electrical points.

Design Development:

Translating the client’s brief into a tangible design was the next crucial step. We started with a 2D design visually representing the proposed soft play area and Clip in & Climb wall. This initial design served as a foundation for further discussions and modifications. To provide a more immersive experience, we then created a 3D model, offering the client a realistic preview of the final installation. During the design phases, we encouraged open communication with the client, allowing them to propose changes or amendments. This collaborative approach ensured that the final design perfectly aligned with the client’s vision and expectations.

Order Placement and Scheduling:

Upon agreement on the final design, the client placed the order, marking the project’s initiation. We were then able to schedule the job with our manufacturer, aligning it with agreed-upon dates with the client to ensure a smooth and timely installation.

Installation Phases:

The installation process unfolded in five distinct phases:

Phase 1: Erecting Steel Structure and Slides.

We commenced by setting up the steel framework, incorporating slides and other key structural elements.

Phase 2: Cladding the Steel Structure in Padding.

To ensure safety and comfort, we covered the steel structure with carefully chosen padding materials.

Phase 3: Floor Pads and Decks Installation.

The installation progressed to the flooring phase, where we laid down floor pads and decks, adding an extra layer of safety.

Phase 4: Installation of Netting.

Netting installation was a critical step in creating a secure and contained environment for the soft play area.

Phase 5: Installing Remaining Features

The final phase involved installing additional features and ensuring that every detail of the design was brought to life.

Additional Feature – Clip-In & Climb Wall:

In addition to the soft play area, we introduced a new destination offer with the installation of a clip in and climb wall at the leisure centre. This exciting addition provided an engaging and physically challenging activity for visitors. The new clip-in & climb walls work really well as a collective offering to make your facility a destination venue for families, offering a wider catchment area.

The Stour Centre project shows Sport & Play’s commitment to delivering innovative and customised solutions. By understanding the client’s needs, collaborating closely during the design phase, and executing a seamless installation process, we successfully transformed the space into a vibrant and dynamic recreational destination. The inclusion of the Clip in & Climb wall further enhances the overall appeal, making The Stour Centre a go-to destination for families.

How We Can Help You:

Sport & Play offers the supply and installation, as well as the servicing, maintenance, of soft-play including soft-play equipment.
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