St Catherines College – Pulastic Flooring Installation & Tennis Court Respray

Project Information:

Project: Pulastic Flooring Installation & Tennis Courts Respray

Client: St Catherines College Sports Hall

Completion time: 2 Weeks

  • St Catherines College Sports Hall
  • St Catherines College Sports Hall

“Sport & Play have gone out of their way to ensure that we have received value for money for the exceptionally high standard of flooring that we were after”

Madeleine Maynard, St Catherines College

“I’m over the moon with our new Pulastic flooring”

Madeleine Maynard, St Catherines College

“I cannot wait for our pupils to enjoy the benefit of having improved facilities within the school”

Madeleine Maynard, St Catherines College

St Catherines College is the only Church of England secondary school/academy in East Sussex. They strive for the importance of equipping their students with the correct tools and values to achieve within the school.

Sport & Play has aided the school by providing an excellent service for the sports department. During the Summer of 2022, our team undertook a new project for St Catherines College – Completely transforming their sports hall, as well as their tennis courts. After an extensive inspection, Sport & Play were able to offer the best products and services, perfectly suited for the school’s needs.

Our Solution – Pulastic Flooring:

The old, original timber-sprung floor was in extreme need of a refurb. With the exposure of over 25 years of wear and tear, the flooring could no longer be sanded and resealed. Pulastic flooring is a product that the Sport & Play team have extensive knowledge of, as well as experience supplying and fitting the flooring, our team knew Pulastic was the most cost-effective replacement option for the old timber floor. With 16 standard and 16 design colours, there is an endless amount of colour combinations to choose from. For this project, our client chose dusty grey and maroon red, creating a modern-looking environment for the students.

Why choose pulastic?

Polyurethane flooring has multiple properties that are proven to be beneficial for athletes. It provides great shock absorption, which is perfectly suited for athletes’ joints, overall increasing their performance. Due to the high elasticity of the surface coating, pulastic flooring is perfect for resisting any damage caused by non-sporting activities – well suited for tables and chairs during exam season. The flooring can sustain up to 20 years of use, and with minimal maintenance to go with it, it is incredibly cost-effective. A simple facelift of the surface can keep the Pulastic flooring going for another 20 years!

The Result:

After discussing their options, St Catherines College agreed that the Polyurethane flooring would be best suited for the school’s needs. The 2-week installation time allowed our engineers to ensure the proper procedure took place, overall achieving the full longevity of the Pulastic flooring.

Additional Work

Tennis Court Respray The Sport & Play team have worked hard to provide an additional exceptional service – the respraying of the school’s tennis courts. The process took two days of work, allowing our team to spend a day cleaning and preparing the surface, and another day to paint and perfect the courts. The courts have been LTA approved, and are now ready for the schools students to enjoy.

How We Can Help You:

Sport & Play offers the supply and installation, as well as the servicing and maintenance, of SP Polyurethane Pulastic flooring for sports or school halls.  If you would like to know more or to discuss any of the above options with our team, please contact us at 01323 811526 or email us at