Horizon Leisure Centres

Offering a high quality service at a competitive price, Sport & Play won the contract to re-theme and renovate Oceans of Play for Horizon Leisure Centres, one of the largest indoor play areas in the south.

After 12 years of enthusiastic use by excited children, the indoor play area at the Horizon Leisure Centres facility in Havant was showing signs of age and Horizon decided it needed an external facelift to attract a new wave of adventurous youngsters. As an existing supplier for repair and maintenance services at Havant, and for its reputation for providing a high quality service at a reasonable price, Sport and Play was asked if it would like to tender a proposal for a new theme and renovation of the indoor play area, to be completed within a specified budget.

Carl Shear, Operations Manager at the Havant leisure centre explained: “We gave three companies the same open brief. We were looking for a fresh, innovative design but our budget was tight and we needed to be clear on what could be achieved within it. Value for money was an essential requirement but we were not prepared to compromise on quality or safety”.

“The water-based theme Sport & Play suggested exceeded our expectations. Our past experience with the company gave us the confidence to know how hard they would work to ensure the appearance and performance of the new play structure would be of a very high standard. We had no hesitation in awarding Sport & Play the project”

The new design for Oceans of Play covers a number of levels. The top two floors are formed from the upper decks and masts of an impressive Galleon while the two lower levels offer an underwater adventure. Children are able to climb the rigging, slide into the ‘sea’, dive into the ball pit and discover what is hiding in the depths of the ocean.

There is a completely separate toddler area which is a fun submarine in the sea. Here, they can pretend to go to the depths of the oceans, playing with colorful fish and riding seals.

“It was a pleasure to work with Sport & Play and we are delighted with the completely different look of our indoor play area. We have received many positive comments from both our young visitors and their parents.”

Carl Shear, Operations Manager, Horizon Leisure Centres

Sport and Play will provide ongoing inspections and servicing for the indoor play area, ensuring its condition is maintained and continues to be compliant with all relevant health and safety legislation.