Hazelwick School – Timber Floor Re-sand

Project Information:

Project: Timber Floor Re-sand

Client: Hazelwick School

Completion time:  1 Week

  • Floor Sand
  • Floor Sand

The existing timber floor at Hazelwick School, which had been in use for several years, was showing signs of wear and tear. The client sought a solution to rejuvenate the floor’s appearance and functionality without resorting to a costly and unnecessary replacement. Upon initial inspection, the timber floor showed scratches, scuffs, and a worn finish. Additionally, several floorboards were broken and required replacement. The current floor was a very specific grade of maple, we hunted high and low and found the exact match, so the replacement boards were a perfect match.

The main challenge was to restore the floor’s aesthetic appeal while addressing these specific issues without overspending on a complete floor replacement.

Our Solution

Our team of skilled engineers and restoration experts conducted a thorough assessment of the timber floor’s condition. Opposed to the recommendations of other contractors, who suggested an entirely new floor installation, we identified that the existing floor structure was salvageable.

The proposed solution involved the following steps:

  • Floor Assessment: Our experts carefully examined each section of the floor, identifying any damage or issues.
  • Re-Sanding: We utilised advanced sanding equipment to remove the existing finish, scratches, and imperfections from the timber surface. This process restored the original wood texture and prepared the floor for refinishing.
  • Board Replacement: Broken and damaged floorboards were carefully replaced with matching timber, seamlessly integrating them into the existing floor pattern.
  • Finishing: A high-quality, durable finish was applied to the freshly sanded and repaired surface. This finish enhanced the floor’s appearance, protected it from future wear, and facilitated easy maintenance.

The Result

The timber floor re-sanding had amazing results:

The re-sanding process eliminated scratches, scuffs, and imperfections, giving the floor more traction and grip after sealing. The application of a premium finish enhanced the floor’s durability, ensuring it would withstand the demands of heavy foot traffic for years to come.

The successful re-sanding and restoration of the timber floor at Hazelwick school proves our commitment to providing practical, cost-effective solutions that prioritise quality and longevity. By recognising the true potential of the existing floor and leveraging our expertise, we were able to transform a tired and worn surface into a stunning focal point that will continue to serve the sports hall for years to come.

How We Can Help You:

Sport & Play offers the supply and installation of sport floors, as well as the servicing and maintenance, of Granwood flooring for sports or school halls. If you would like to know more or to discuss any of the above options with our team, please contact us at 01323 811526 or email us at hello@sportplay.co.uk.