Cricket Net Trackway Installation

Project Information:

Project: Cricket Net Trackway Installation

Client: Richard Challoner School

  • Richard Challoner School

Richard Challoner school is an all-boys school, with a mixed sixth form situated in surrey. The school recently had some issues with their cricket net trackways and contacted Sport & Play to find a solution.

Our Solution

After an extensive service inspection, it was evident that the cricket nets were getting stuck at the cross over – where the two curtains met. Sport & Play were able to recommend the replacement of new trackways, trolleys, and curtain clips to resolve the issue. The cricket net curtains were in perfectly good condition, which meant that they didn’t need replacing. The original curtains were carefully taken down and then placed onto the new trackway.

The Result

The project resulted in a much more efficient trackway for our client. The curtains now run smoothly, and don’t have any issues getting caught at the crossover.

How We Can Help You:

Sport & Play offers the supply and installation, as well as the servicing and maintenance, of Cricket Net Trackways for sports or school halls. If you would like to know more, or to discuss any of the above options with our team, please contact us on 01323 811526 or email us at