Indoor Cricket Net Installation

Project Information:

St Dunstans College is a prestigious educational institution. The college has high-level sporting facilities and recognised the need for a high-quality cricket practice area to enhance its sports programs.

Indoor Cricket Net Installation

Initial Inspection and Challenges:

Sport & play conducted a thorough inspection of the site to assess the existing conditions and requirements. However, it was discovered that the current indoor cricket nets failed to meet health and safety standards. Understanding the nature of this issue, our team promptly informed the college about the deficiencies and proposed a solution to resolve the situation.

We provided a detailed quotation for the supply and installation of a new indoor cricket net system. The college acknowledged the importance of ensuring a safe and suitable environment for their students and athletes, leading to an agreement to proceed with the proposed installation.

Installation Process:

Removal of Old Netting:

Our experienced engineer initiated the installation process by removing the existing cricket netting. This step involved careful dismantling and disposal of the old nets to make way for the new, compliant system.

Fitting New Snap Hooks:

Precision was paramount in ensuring the stability and durability of the new installation. Our engineers fitted new snap hooks to secure the netting, adhering to industry standards and safety regulations.

Unravelling and Hanging New Cricket Netting:

We then unravelled the new cricket netting and systematically hung up the back nets first. This approach aligns with best practices as the back nets serve as a foundation for the entire structure, providing support for the screens.

Screens Installation:

Once the back nets were securely in place, the screens were installed. This process ensured a methodical and efficient installation, minimising the risk of errors and ensuring a high-quality outcome.

Benefits and Results:

The completion of the new indoor cricket net installation at St Dunstans College not only addressed the initial health and safety concerns but also provided a state-of-the-art facility for cricket practice. The college now has a secure and compliant environment, supporting the development of its budding cricket talent.

Sport & Plays commitment to delivering top-notch solutions and prioritising safety ensured the successful installation of a new indoor cricket net system at St Dunstans College.

How We Can Help You:

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