Billinghurst Community and Conference Centre

Project Information:

Project: Granwood Flooring

Client: Billinghurst Community Centre

Completion time: 7 Days

old sports floor in need of repair
Everything was spot on, good communications throughout with Julian, Robin and Scott who carried the job out.
Billinghurst Community Centre

We are absolutely thrilled with the outcome.

Billinghurst Community Centre

Overall, very happy customers here at the Centre.

Billinghurst Community Centre

The Billingshurst Community and Conference Centre is a facility which focuses on serving the local community as well as the wider corporate market. The centre is used for various occasions, such as, conferences, award ceremonies, training events and social occasions.

Sport & Play has provided the centre with a much needed granwood floor refurbishment, which is now ready for the multi-use organisation to use again. Following an inspection carried out by our team, it was clear what the floor needed.

Our Solution – Granwood flooring.

Prior to the refurbishment, the original, neglected floor hadn’t been sanded for 15 years, and had only had a reseal 6 years ago. This meant a few of the blocks had broken, needing to be replaced, sanded, and resealed. Our team undertook this project, with a quick turnaround of just 7 days. The week involved our team replacing the broken blocks, ensuring that the colour was matched to the rest of the flooring. After sanding the entire floor, a coat of Granguard seal was placed on the flooring, followed by the badminton lines. Once the badminton lines had been applied, 2 more coats of Granguard were put down to ensure the granwood remained protected.

The Result

The 7 days completion time has allowed our engineers enough time to ensure the proper procedure took place, the quick turnaround meant the centre only had to give up their hall for a week and can now go back to their social events.

How We Can Help You:

Sport & Play offers the servicing and maintenance, of Granwood flooring for sports or school halls. If you would like to know more, or to discuss any of the above options with our team, please contact us on 01323 811526 or email us at