Robert Jamieson, Services Director at Nexus Community

“We are grateful to Sport & Play, both for their knowledgeable advice during the initial stages and throughout the project and the speed at which they were able to complete the installation.”

Abbey Sports Centre

Sport and Play Install Modern Flooring Solution at Popular Leisure Centre.

The Abbey Sports Centre is a thriving leisure centre located in Berinsfield, Oxfordshire. When the centre’s aging sports hall flooring was in need of replacement it was essential that the chosen supplier was able to work to exacting schedules, thereby causing minimum disruption to the many users who enjoy the activities held in the hall. Sport and Play were selected not only for the speed with which they were able to complete the project, but also for their ability replace the traditional flooring with a modern contemporary synthetic surface.

The Abbey Sports Centre is one of several leisure centres in Oxford and Buckinghamshire that are operated by Nexus Community. It offers users a wide variety of facilities including a gymnasium, an indoor swimming pool and an all-weather football pitch. The sports hall is utilised for racquet sports, ball games, and gymnastics. It is also the location for a large number of the classes on offer at the centre, from high-impact workouts through to Tai-Chi, and including movement and mobility courses that are suitable for the over 50s or those suffering from various medical conditions.

Our Solution

When assessing the scope of the project and the requirements of the leisure centre, Mark Cullingford, the MD of Sport and Play, quickly recognised that a versatile and highly resilient surface was needed. He therefore recommended the installation of a synthetic SP Polyurethane floor as a multi-functional and cost effective solution.

SP Polyurethane floors are available in a variety of formats, all of which provide significant advantages over conventional wooden flooring. They combine comfort and safety for users with a high level of durability, and will accept chair legs and shoe heels without risk of damage. Their synthetic construction utilises recycled materials, making them the sustainable alternative to wood, which is also low maintenance.

In order for a SP Polyurethane surface to perform correctly it is vital that the sub-flooring is properly prepared. The expertise of the Sport and Play team meant that in addition to undertaking the removal and disposal of the old floor, they were also able to perform the remedial work to the sub-floor that was necessary before the SP Polyurethane top-layer was installed. The installation was then carried out and the entire project was completed within days.

The Result

Robert Jamieson, Services Director at Nexus Community, said: “We are delighted with the new sports hall surface at the Abbey Centre and the response from the centre’s users has been equally enthusiastic. The fact that the SP Polyurethane material can withstand damage from chair legs opens up a number of possibilities in terms of activities that can be held in the hall, and the new floor is also providing greater comfort for existing users and improved ball response for a lot of the racquet sports and ball games that are played there. Everyone is benefiting.

“We are grateful to Sport and Play, both for their knowledgeable advice during the initial stages and throughout the project and the speed at which they were able to complete the installation.”

Robert Jamieson, Services Director at Nexus Community

How we can help you

Sport and Play provide a comprehensive range of floor installation, sport floor maintenance and repair services for all kinds of leisure centres and attractions, including both indoor and outdoor sports surfaces. Other services available to leisure centres include a total health & safety audit of sports hall facilities, providing an independent review of all equipment and an in-depth report as to its status and safety.