Sports Halls Servicing, Refurbishment, Maintenance, Repair & Replacement

Because sports halls have a multitude of uses and are often booked for different activities (almost continuously) keeping the equipment, markings, netting etc in top condition has to be a priority.  We specialise in all forms of sports hall servicing, refurbishment, regular maintenance, repair and/or replacement of sports hall equipment, including the refurbishment of sports flooring.

Our sports hall services cover all the fixed and portable equipment that sports halls and gymnasiums may contain, whatever the brand, including specialist manufacturers such as Schelde sports equipment.

This includes attention to the following:

  • Sports Hall Netting & Curtains
  • Gymnastics Equipment
  • Trampolines
  • Sports Hall Floors, covering Granwood and Pulastic
  • Goals, Posts, Nets & Rigs
  • Sports Hall Mats & Matting
  • Sports Hall H&S Inspections

Inspections & Reports

At the outset, we can undertake a full inspection of your sports hall facility and equipment, to check their condition and advise you on any maintenance or repairs required.

All our operators have extensive experience and will thoroughly check all your equipment, netting, markings etc before creating a report for you containing our recommendations, so ensuring your equipment is safe for your clients and staff to use.

We can then provide regular audits, servicing and maintenance, plus carry out any necessary refurbishments, repairs and replace equipment where appropriate and when agreed with you

Sports Hall Quotations & Repairs

Once we receive the inspection report from our engineers we will create a quotation for any required repairs, each repair will have a priority rating.

This not only helps you plan when you need to fix each fault (as per the suggested timeframes detailed below), but will also to help you manage your budget. For example, you may have one high-level priority fault in your sports hall or gymnasium and the rest are low level, or you might not have the budget to pay for all of the repairs straight away. Our rating gives you flexibility, and will hopefully keep you on friendly terms with your accounts manager.


Our priority rating:

  • Not to current standard, low level priority = safe to use but equipment requires maintenance and repair
  • At risk, medium level priority = continued use may lead to further damage to equipment and lead to risk of injury
  • Immediately dangerous, high level priority = equipment constitutes an immediate risk of injury if use is continued

Once you receive the quotation, you can choose which repairs you would like carried out, along with inspections, servicing and maintenance.  You can also request when you want the work undertaken, depending on our availability and that of your sports hall.

We know how inconvenient it can be to set aside time and space for sports hall servicing, refurbishment and repairs. That’s why, at Sport & Play, we aim to make the process as easy and hassle free as possible.

Health & Safety Inspections

In addition to the above individual services, Sport & Play is also able to undertake a total health & safety inspection of your facility. This provides an independent review of all your centre including all sports hall equipment with the provision of an in-depth report as to the current status and safety.

Need further information about our services for sports halls or a quotation? Then, please contact us now and we will answer any questions you may have or help to advise you.

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