Inflatables - PIPA Testing, Servicing & Repair

The Performance Inflatable Play Accreditation / PIPA Standards testing scheme is designed to provide a system whereby inflatable play equipment, such as inflatable bouncy castles, can conform to the inspection requirements of HSE guidelines detailed in EIS7.

All dry bouncy castles and other inflatables playgrounds are required to be tagged (if not done so at the time of manufacture) and are then required to be PIPA tested, serviced and inspected at a maximum of 14-month intervals. Wet inflatables, such as inflatable water slides, should also be serviced annually but do not require tagging.

PIPA inflatable inspection

All Sport & Play Inspectors are registered on the PIPA website and listed via RPII (the Register of Play Inspectors International). As a selected supplier, Sport & Play is pleased to provide nationwide coverage of the PIPA testing service through our network of accredited, professional PIPA inspectors. Accurate quotations will be provided and are dependent on the size, number and location of your inflatables.

Annual testing of inflatables is a must – so make sure you are prepared for your next inspection with our Inflatables Safety Checklist.

In addition to inspection and tagging, our inflatable services include:-

  • On Site Repairs and Quotations: The site manager will be consulted and will be asked to approve costs prior to any on-site repairs being conducted.
  • Off Site Repairs: The site manager will be consulted and a fixed price for the repairs will be agreed to prior to any inflatables being removed from the site for repair in factory facilities.
  • Loan Inflatables: Sport & Play understand the importance of ‘down time’ to their leisure clients and we are, therefore, pleased to provide loan inflatables for the entire repair period at a fixed price.
  • We also supply new bouncy castles and inflatable toys, and offer a comprehensive range of colours, shapes and sizes. Please download our inflatables brochure for reference. 
    Inflatables Brochure

    Inflatables Brochure

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    Have fun selecting the best funky bouncy castle or inflatable toy from our extensive range ...

Please contact us with details of the number of dry and / or wet inflatables and your requirements or for any further information and advice regarding inflatables and PIPA testing. Book a visit for your site today, and we will aim to complete the works within 21 days of receipt of order.