PIPA Testing & Inflatable Inspection

We have a nationwide network of accredited PIPA Inspectors and
carry out inspections for Leisure Centres, Schools, Colleges & Universities across the UK

Inflatable Testing, Servicing & Repair

The Performance Inflatable Play Accreditation / PIPA Standards testing scheme is designed to provide a system whereby inflatable play equipment, such as inflatable bouncy castles, can conform to the inspection requirements of HSE guidelines detailed in EIS7.

Brand new inflatables should have an ‘initial test’ to make sure it complies with BS EN 14960.

Annual inspections

Make sure an annual inspection is carried out. They should identify the inflatable and blower by their serial numbers and look at any previous inspection reports and certificates. They then will inspect any part of the inflatable and its equipment that may affect its safe operation.

Every inflatable registered with PIPA will have a visible identification tag fitted and on that tag is a unique PIPA reference number that can be cross checked so you know it is is valid.

Sport & Play will test your inflatables, bouncy castles, inflatable slides, inflatable course or any other type of inflatable. We test it to the latest required safety standards BSEN 14960.

It is worth noting that wet inflatables, such as inflatable water slides, should also be serviced annually but do not require tagging.

PIPA Inspections

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Inflatable Repair
Inflatable Inspection
Inflatable Inspection

Nationwide Network of Accredited, Professional PIPA Inspectors

All Sport & Play Inspectors are registered on the PIPA website and listed via RPII (the Register of Play Inspectors International). As a selected supplier, Sport & Play is pleased to provide nationwide coverage of the PIPA testing service through our network of accredited, professional PIPA inspectors. Accurate quotations will be provided and are dependent on the size, number and location of your inflatables.

Annual testing of inflatables is a must – so make sure you are prepared for your next inspection with our Inflatables Safety Checklist.

In addition to PIPA inspection and tagging, our inflatable services include:

  • On Site Repairs and Quotations: The site manager will be consulted and will be asked to approve costs prior to any on-site repairs being conducted.
  • Off Site Repairs: The site manager will be consulted and a fixed price for the repairs will be agreed to prior to any inflatables being removed from the site for repair in factory facilities.

Please contact us with details of the number of dry and / or wet inflatables and your requirements, or for any further information and advice regarding inflatables and PIPA testing. Book a visit for your site today, and we will aim to complete the works within 21 days of receipt of order.

What’s Included in a Service Inspection?

‘The Performance Inflatable Play Accreditation (PIPA) scheme is designed to provide a system whereby inflatable play equipment can conform to the testing and inspection requirements of HSE guidelines detailed in EIS7.’

Inflatable Blower Inspection Specification

Size and type – is this the correct blower for the inflatable?
Inlet & outlet mesh – are they there? are they intact? are they the correct mesh size?

Cable & plug – these should be checked on the PAT test – typical faults I find are plug pins bent, cable outer sheath pulled out of cable gland, cable worn, cracked, cut or split and showing inner wires.

Casing & Impellor – are there cracks in the casing? are there feet missing or loose? Is the outlet nozzle sound and fixed properly onto the casing? are there any rivets or screws missing? are there any nasty sharp bits sticking out?
PAT test – is the PAT test sticker legible? does it show a valid date?

Return flap – is a return flap fitted? if so, is it working correctly? if not, is one necessary?

This last check has to do with deflation/evacuation time. There has to be enough time for the children to evacuate the inflatable, in

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Sport & Play Service & Maintenance

At Sport & Play the safety of your clients, and hence the peace of mind that this provides, is our number one priority. Dependent on your type of operation and facilities, our services include:

Health & Safety Inspections

Health & Safety Inspections

Sport & Play are able to undertake a total health & safety inspection of your facility. This provides an independent review of all your equipment with the provision of an in-depth report as to its status and safety.

Sports Hall Servicing, Repair & Installation

Sports Hall Servicing, Repair & Installation

We provide servicing, repair, installation, and replacement, either as a one-off or as part of a contract.

Trampoline Servicing, Maintenance & Inspection

Trampoline Servicing, Maintenance & Inspection

Safety servicing with reports, plus repair and supply when necessary for new parts.

Sports Floor Repairs & Installation

Sports Floor Repairs & Installation

We can provide surveys/assessments/quotations available for resealing, relining, refurbishment, repairs or simply installation of a new floor, for most types of indoor flooring. We also offer similar services for Outdoor Artificial Sports Surfacing.

Indoor Play Servicing & Inspections

Indoor Soft Play Servicing & Inspections

We know that safety checks are very important where young children are concerned, so we have can service, maintain and repair your indoor play area, plus supply new parts or equipment. We can also help you design and create a brand new play area in your existing space.

Inflatables & PIPA

Inflatables & PIPA Testing

Inspection, repairs and certification, including the PIPA tagging service, with loan inflatables available, plus supplying any replacements.

Pool Hoists & LOLER Inspections

Pool Hoists & LOLER Inspections

LOLER testing and repairs to swimming pools and changing facility hoists, in addition to Hoists supply and installation.

Outdoor Sports Equipment

Outdoor Sports Equipment

Provision of scheduled service and maintenance checks & repairs, available for all play, field sports and athletics equipment.

Athletics Equipment

Athletics Equipment

We carry out athletics maintenance inspections on both field and track equipment. Using our state-of-the-art track cleaning machine, we can also deep clean all polymeric surfaces.

Fitness & Gym Equipment

Fitness & Gym Equipment

For both cardiovascular and resistance equipment, plus Spin Bikes. We provide safety audits, regular lubrication and maintenance, servicing plus relevant repairs.

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What People Say About Sport & Play

When Sport & Play came in to quote for this project, I was especially impressed with how knowledgeable they were and the hints and tips they were happy to give. They were very flexible in their approach and nothing proved a problem for them.

LS, Radley College Sports Centre

Sport and Play have provided us with an excellent service, undertaking both the design and installation of our improved indoor play area.

Mr. Tate, Managing Director, Paradise Park

‘We are increasingly reliant on Sport & Play to deliver our maintenance needs and their wide ranging expertise means that they can meet all of our requirements, including even highly specialised work such as this floor refurbishment. As ever, the quality of their work is first class and was carried out quickly and efficiently with a minimum of disruption to the centre users.’

Fred Furner , Centre Manager, Wave’s Downs Leisure Centre

We are very pleased with the floor lines and will happily use Sport & Play’s services again in the future.

Joe, Phoenix Boxing Club