Outdoor Artificial Sports Surfaces Cleaning and Restoration Service

Our outdoor artificial sports surfaces cleaning and renovation service includes Astroturf maintenance and cleaning, as well as other types of synthetic pitches, hard courts and athletic tracks.

Our Astroturf maintenance service includes thoroughly cleaning the surface with a power brush. This de-compacts the surface fibres and the sand infill. At this stage, the sand will be inspected for contamination and removed and replaced with new infill as necessary.

The infill will then be worked back into the carpet of the sports surface using a combination of a heavy brush and a specialist sweeper. Once this operation has been completed, the entire area will be treated with a proprietary moss killer.

Our maintenance service for hard courts, including tennis and basketball courts, involves deep cleaning to remove algae and other plant life before it is resurfaced, painted and relined.

Athletic tracks surfaces can also be cleaned, and relined as necessary, to keep them in top condition. We are able to create finishes and delineation to match any colour required.

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