Health & Safety

Every Inspection and Maintenance Service Sport & Play undertake are designed to comply with the British Standards Institute (BSEN913.2008) and the Health & Safety at work act (1974), which states:

“It is of the utmost importance that all physical education equipment is maintained in a fully safe condition. General maintenance should take place on a regular basis, with an inspection carried out at least once a year.”

We promote regular inspections and efficient maintenance, as it is not only necessary to meet safety legislation but also has clear advantages in financial terms, as it allows existing equipment to be maintained in the proper and safest condition, while prolonging the equipment’s life in the most economical way possible.

Not only do our health and safety services provide you and your users with peace of mind but we can also issue you with a certificate proving your equipment and facilities’ safety. These certificates not only prove your compliance with the Health & Safety at work act (1974), but will also come in useful if you are inspected by governing bodies.

Inspection & Maintenance Reports

Customers with Inspection Agreements will have pre-booked appointments made for their Annual Inspection. After every inspection, our qualified inspectors will produce an all-inclusive report and explain its contents in full to the client. These reports detail the equipment inspected, its condition and any remedial work required listed next a priority level – detailed below. A copy is left with the customer for your safety records.

Our priority rating:

  • Not to current standard, low level priority = safe to use but equipment requires maintenance and repair
  • At risk, medium level priority = continued use may lead to further damage to equipment and lead to risk of injury
  • Immediately dangerous, high level priority = equipment constitutes an immediate risk of injury if use is continued

Before any corrective work is carried out on faulty equipment, a written estimate is submitted explaining the defects and the cost of returning the equipment to a safe condition. Although it is possible to only sanction some of the quoted for works, no work will be carried out until an official confirmation is received.

Resulting from the initial inspection, in line with BSI recommendations, equipment which is deemed to be in an unsafe condition would be cordoned off until the repairs are conducted.

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If you are an existing customer of ours don’t forget you have access to SportNET our on-line management system.

This system is designed to help you keep track of your reports, inspections and servicing. Plus it has a specially designed function which allows you to record your own health and safety checks, again helping you keep a perfect record.