Inflatables Safety Checklist

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Prepare for PIPA Testing

Top Tips to Help You Prepare for Your PIPA Inspection

If you have inflatable toys and bouncy castles on your premises, you’ll know that they fall within the scope of the PIPA inspection scheme, which was set up to ensure that children’s inflatable play equipment conforms to recognised standards and remains safe.

Inflatables Safety Checklist

1. Blower fan

1.1 Check the blower fan has no exposed wires or loose screws or bolts etc.

1.2 Check air inlet and outlet mesh guards are secure and intact.

1.3 Check that no associated plugs, sockets or switches are damaged.

1.4 Check that electrical cables are not chaffed or worn.

1.5 Check that blower and inflation tube are correctly connected and positioned.

1.6 Check that blower is connected via a suitable RCD Circuit breaker.

2. Anchor Points

2.1 Check that all anchor points on the inflatable are intact and not damaged.

2.2 Check that anchor ropes are attached and not chaffed or worn.

2.3 Check that ground anchor fixings are secure and correctly positioned.

2.4 Check that inflatable is securely attached at all anchor points.

3. Inflatable Structure

3.1 Check that the inflatable is clear of all rubbish especially sharp objects.

3.2 Check that structure is clean and free from any mould or surface damage.

3.3 Check that wall to tower fixings are not damaged.

3.4 Check that all deflation zips are fully closed.

3.5 Thoroughly check that the surface seams of the bed, step and front apron are free from rips or holes.

3.6 Check that, when fully inflated, the bed, step and front apron are correctly inflated and, where fitted, walls and towers are firm and upright.

4. Plus for Location and Operation

4.1 Check that location of inflatable remains suitable.

4.2 Check that a groundsheet is installed and anchored where required.

4.3 Check that safety mats are in place and in good order.

4.4 Check that, for external use, the inflatable is not used outside recommended weather conditions.

4.5 Check that operators have received effective training including use and safety.

4.6 Check that limits of age and number of users is enforced.

To download this checklist of inflatable safety inspection top tips please click here.

For further guidance and advice on installing a new inflatable toy or bouncy castle, or to book a PIPA safety inspection or service visit , please contact us and we will be pleased to assist.

Inflatables Safety Checklist

Annual testing of inflatables is a must – so make sure you are prepared for your next PIPA inspection with some Top Tips on how to keep your inflatable play equipment up to scratch.

Inflatables Safety Checklist
Inflatables Safety Checklist
Inflatables Safety Checklist
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