Woughton Leisure Centre

Sport & Play installs one of the best sports surfaces in the UK

Sport & Play has supplied and installed durable and versatile SP Polyurethane synthetic sports flooring at Woughton Leisure Centre, managed by Milton Keynes Council who now claims: “one of the best sports surfaces in the country” – Milton Keynes Council.

A multi-purpose sports and leisure venue, Woughton Leisure Centre provides a wide range of facilities to the public seven days a week. Its indoor sports hall is popular for Badminton, 5v5 Football, Netball, Basketball and Volleyball. Regular use has recently led to the need for a newly refurbished floor and Sport & Play was called in as an approved supplier of market leading SP Polyurethane synthetic sports floors.

Available in a number of options, SP Polyurethane flooring offers significant advantages over traditional wooden flooring and has been designed to provide exceptional performance in areas such as traction, ball rebound, shock absorption and noise absorption. SP Polyurethane flooring is suitable for all sports that are commonly played in a sports hall.

In addition to being a high performance sports surface, SP Polyurethane also boasts superior resistance to wear and tear caused by non-sporting activities. It is able to withstand tables, chairs, exhibition stands and equipment and high-heeled shoes, all without risk of damage. This provides Woughton Leisure Centre with a huge variety of additional options for utilising their sports hall, such as concerts, dances, trade shows and examinations.

Thanks to its impressive performance and low maintenance requirements, SP Polyurethane flooring has already been the indoor sports surface of choice for over 50,000 locations worldwide, including more than 500 schools and leisure centres in the UK. SP Polyurethane floors are fully compliant with the new European Standard EN14904 (Surfaces for Sports Areas – Indoor Surfaces for Multi-Sports Use – Specification) and are manufactured in factories with ISO 9001:2000 certification.